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The Mission of the Triangle of Opportunity is to increase and support
the economic base of the area, regional educational opportunities,
and leadership experiences for Triangle citizens through dynamic,
mutually supportive interaction in order to ultimately enhance the
quality of life in the Triangle Area.












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21 Years

The Triangle of Opportunity celebrates 21-years of existence. In 1993 a group of farsighted individuals decided there was a need for some of the small communities to form an organization to promote common goals. As a result of this need the "Triangle of Opportunity" was formed. The purpose of the "Triangle" is to improve the quality of life for the residents in the area bound (and adjacent) to interstates 74, 55, and 155. (see our mission statement show above) To achieve this goal we strive to do the following:

  1. We encourage other villages to join the Triangle of Opportunity
  2. We support an increasing in the economic development base for our area.
  3. We promote and support regional educational opportunities.
  4. We support establishment of recreational activities/facilities.
  5. We support the establishment of new businesses and business retention.
  6. We promote tourism in our communities.

For an overview of our activities see "Goals". To see the the list of members look at the left hand side of the home page, select a community or school district and access the triangle page and the website for additional information.




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