Encourage Promote Support
  • Develop a stronger unified presence/identity to communicate with existing economic developers.

  • Enable enhancement of existing Triangle area businesses and promote development opportunities for new ones.

  • Become a conduit for networking that benefits the triangle area, its organizations, and residents.

  • Establish and link Triangle communities' listings of available sites for development.

  • Enhance existing, and develop new area-wide public and private services.

  • Share additional services between local governments such as volume purchasing, etc.

  • Develop and promote area recreational programs and services.

  • Encourage development of a Triangle bicycle route, coordinated by representatives from each Triangle city, which offers services along the route.

  • Promote recreational opportunities throughout the region, such as river canoeing, horse trail-rides, safe bike paths, traveling sports teams and host tournaments.

  • Encourage youth to become a greater part of their community and reward one senior high school student every year for their past and continued service to their community by providing a college scholarship in the amount of $500.00.









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